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Want to learn how to approach and meet the women that you actually want to date? Want to build a dating life built on freedom, confidence and choice? 

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Coach: Richard Greenway

Richard Greenway

Richard developed his own personal strategies for meeting woman through years of trial and error. 

He has synthesised a program that enables a man to confidently approach attractive woman without using any gimmicks or weird pick up artist methods.

As your personal dating coach, Richard will fast track your ability to attract the woman you actually would like to meet, to date, the woman that you have always struggled to talk to. 

Conquer Social Anxiety

Richard’s coaching ensures deep personal growth, transforming crippling social anxiety into true social confidence.

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No Creepy PUA Stuff

Richard will teach you a completely normal and natural style of meeting women, no weird pickup artist material.

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Know What To Say

The most common problem for men is seeing an attractive women, and not knowing what to say. Richard will help this.

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Ongoing Support

Even after the workshop, you are free to stay in touch with us to ensure that your implementation of the new lessons stick.

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Skype Coaching


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Day & Night Workshops

$450 – $550

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Mega Workshop


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Skype Sessions

Skype Sessions are private discussions to go over your dating life – to understanding of where you’re at, where you want to be, and what you have to do to get there. Whether you want to get a girlfriend, to improve your approaching, to get back in the dating game, or even if you’re just in a rut, a Skype Session is a great place to start.


Day & Night Workshops

Have you ever walked past a beautiful woman on the street and you wondered if you could meet her? Maybe even date her? Perhaps you’ve noticed that the bars of Sydney are flooded with lovely single women? The Day and Night Workshops will show you exactly how you can go about meeting them, and massively improving your social confidence.


Mega Workshop

The Mega Workshop is a renowned 5 week intensive dating course, designed to to completely revamp you and your dating life. With over 30 hours of personal 1-1 coaching, this workshop will cover everything that you need to shave 5 years off your path to dating confidence. Consistency is what’s required for real change. That’s the point of the Mega Workshop.

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