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Please Note: I am currently rebranding and rebuilding this website. Some things work, some things don’t. For coaching enquiries contact me via the Contact form below. 

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New site, who dis?

Hello, my name is Chris Manak.

I used to be an infield dating coach, now I’m a dude who works on a laptop in Asia. 

I left coaching in 2018 and it wasn’t long before I realised how much I missed it. 

This is Manic Workshops 2.0.

As Featured: Today Show, Triple J, CLEO, Daily Mail, The Financial Review.


From 2005 to 2018, I went out basically every weekend, coaching hundreds of men to social confidence. They learnt how to meet new people (women mostly) and hold better conversations.

90% of this was just spotting bad patterns in thinking and behaviour .  In my phone coaching sessions I dig around in your head to unveil your sticking points. 

Infield coaching also still available for Melbourne & Sydney.


Social Upgrade

Are you naturally anti-social but you also realise that you kinda need a social life to get anywhere in life? 

If you work in an office, you should be networking. If you’re single you should be meeting other singles. 

The internet means that there has literally never been an easier time in history to rebuild a social circle.

Whether you’re arriving in a new city or just need a social revamp. 


Online Income

Is your business not making enough money to go full-time? 

Do you hate your job, and catch yourself day-dreaming of pursuing something else? Maybe find something that actually interests you? 

Schedule a free 10 minute phone call in which we figure out your options.



Meditation saved my life. I don’t mean that figuratively. 

I’ll teach it to anyone dedicated to learning it. 

Meditation is much simpler than people think, and much more powerful. 

Every cent goes to a men’s mental health charity of your choice.

Want to get started right away? I admire your impatience, sir.

Complete Men's Revamp Package

  • Video: 21 mistakes men make when meeting women
  • Video: How to rebuild a social circle in a week
  • eBook: If meditation is so good, why do I suck at it?
  • eBook: Make $500/month on your first website
  • eBook: A complete guide to dealing with flakes
Testimonials, I do have them

What Some People Have Said

The Mega Workshop is the single best investment I’ve made in my life period. Chris Manak in my eyes is the undisputed champion. Not because he has hundreds of flashy tricks up his sleeve, but because he has a powerful self acceptance. This is a big claim but I truly believe that this workshop has made a huge improvement to my attitude and has taken at least 12 months off my learning curve.
This guy
Some kinda job
Chris is a Wizard at SEO and online bookings! He has helped me grow my massage business, bringing in new referrals and increasing my ranking to first page Google. Friendly, genuine, and easy to work with. Highly recommend him for any online management work!
This gal I work with
Runs her own shit
This guy clearly has a strong life experience, is an awesome coach who can relate to you and transfer information in a very clear and structured way. Even after and before the workshop this gent is there for you, for me that worked out by giving me just simple guidelines.
Just a fella
Some other kinda job
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