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- Top 21 mistakes with women
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Dating Coaching

I was a full-time dating coach for over a decade.

I helped men get out of their shells and meet women, regardless of age, skill or personality.

I’ve seen thousands of male/female approaches and patterns. 

I can help you understand why you’re stuck, and give you some steps to level up in your dating.


Online Business

I tried the corporate route. I even tried working for myself. I still needed more freedom. 

Making money online allows you to live wherever and however you want. You can buy back your time, your life.

I can help you create an online asset that will earn you money month after month.


Taoist Meditation

Taoist meditation is doing without doing. It is an aimless, meandering meditation without technique. 

It’s “fishing without a hook”.

If you can implement this, your approach to life, and what you get out of life, will change.

You can get started by downloading my free guide which dispels some of the commonly held myths around meditation


Lifestyle Coaching

Urgh, not another life coach. 

But… if your Sunday nights suck because you have a week full of ‘urgh’ ahead of you..

I know how that feels.

If you’re lacking motivation to get to your goals, I offer 1 hour Skype sessions to help you get back on track towards what you want.

"If someone were to ask me, who would be the best person to teach me how to meet and date women, I would without hesitation send them to Chris. I don't know anyone in this field with as much integrity, authenticity, and humility. There's no magic here, no hocus-pocus, just a path to cut through the bullshit and move towards genuine communication"
gary review
"My only challenge with Chris is that I enjoy talking with him so much I sometimes forget he's a professional who is running a business. I've gotten more out of talking to Chris for 2 hours than from 12 months of therapy"
simon life coaching review

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