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A quick blurb about me

In my younger years, I struggled desperately with girls. I immediately went shy in their presence, and couldn’t figure out why they seemed to date men who were exactly what they said they did not want (bad boys, rude guys, unsuccessful men, etc). 

After a breakup in my twenties, I was sick of my lack of confidence, I was sick of having no choice in who I met, so I started down a path of exploration and personal growth.

I began going out to talk to women as a way to get over the breakup, and soon I noticed how quickly it grew my confidence, my skills, my understanding of women.

Within a few years, people began asking me to take them out to “show them what I was doing”. Within a few more years, I became Australia’s leading dating coach for men, featured regularly in international media.

I can say for a fact that 90% of this is mental. If you have a mental block, or you’re doing one simple thing wrong, you can meet 100 new women but you will still get no results. 

If you want to fasten your progress in this area, or want to discuss something specifically that is going on in your dating life, you can book a session with me.

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