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About Chris's Sessions

I offer 90 minute Skype Consultations in which I dig around in your head to see what is holding you back from getting exactly what (and who) you want in the dating world.

This advice is based on over a decade on infield experience - doing and observing tens of thousands of interactions with women - and figuring out which mistakes my clients are making (often unknowingly) that are literally pushing women further away from them.

Many of my clients are annoyed that they cannot simply start conversations with the women that they see every day, frustrated by their lack of results on dating apps, heartbroken due to a recent breakup, annoyed that they run out of things to say in conversation, or are confused why they can get first dates but never a second.

Every call is different because no two men or situations are the same. Your situation might be unique, or it might be a topic that I've covered many times with guys prior to you. Either way, we will resolve it in the one 90 minute session.

Whether you want help approaching, conversing, turning those conversations into dates, or turning dates into girlfriends, these consultations can help you.

Free Stuff

Not ready to book a consultation, but still want some help getting started? You can download these two resources which can help you within a few minutes.

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A quick blurb about me

In my younger years, I struggled desperately with girls. I immediately went shy in their presence, and couldn’t figure out why they seemed to date men who were exactly what they said they did not want (bad boys, rude guys, unsuccessful men, etc). 

After a breakup in my twenties, I was sick of my lack of confidence, I was sick of having no choice in who I met, so I started down a path of exploration and personal growth.

I began going out to talk to women as a way to get over the breakup, and soon I noticed how quickly it grew my confidence, my skills, my understanding of women.

Within a few years, people began asking me to take them out to “show them what I was doing”. Within a few more years, I became Melbourne’s leading dating coach for men, featured regularly in national media.

In 2018 I stopped infield coaching (after 10 years), but I still offer Consultations because I can say for a fact that 90% of this is mental. If you have a mental block, or you’re doing one simple thing wrong, you can meet 100 new women but you will still get no results. 

If you want to fasten your progress in this area, or want to discuss something specifically that is going on in your dating life, you can book a consultation with me.

Coaching Benefits:

Better confidence

Clearer direction

Stay accountable

Fasten the process

Save cash

Contact Me

If you are considering booking a consultation, but have a question before confirming, you can contact me through this Contact Form. 

Please note that I cannot help you with infield coaching or finding wingmen in your area. I can tell you if your problem is something that a consultation will help, but I cannot reply to general dating questions outside of sessions.

Thanks 🙂

Chris Manak