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Manic Workshops


Dating & Lifestyle Coaching

I’ve been a dating coach for men since 2008.

I’ve spent literally thousands of hours out in the trenches helping men meet women.

This meant hiding in supermarket isles, pretending to read books in bookstores, spending countless hours leaning on the bar observing … what men do in the face of beautiful women. 

I offer 60 minute video chat sessions to go over what isn’t working for you with women, why you keep facing the same issues, and how to finally get on track.


Business & Online Income

Studies show that 85% of people dislike their job. 

If you do indeed hate it, I can help you to turn your hobby into a business. 

If I can get paid to hang out in bars, you can get paid for your hobby too.

Alternatively, if you have no hobby, I can help you create an online asset that will earn you monthly income for years to come.

This allows you to buy back your time and life, and has been the best thing I’ve ever learnt, personally.

"If someone were to ask me, who would be the best person to teach me how to meet and date women, I would without hesitation send them to Chris. I don't know anyone in this field with as much integrity, authenticity, and humility. There's no magic here, no hocus-pocus, just a path to cut through the bullshit and move towards genuine communication"
gary review
"My only challenge with Chris is that I enjoy talking with him so much I sometimes forget he's a professional who is running a business. I've gotten more out of talking to Chris for 2 hours than from 12 months of therapy"
simon life coaching review

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When I’m in Australia I offer infield coaching in MelbourneSydneyPerth, and Brisbane

My video coaching sessions are A$200 for 60 minutes.

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