Discuss your dating difficulties and sticking points with a 10+ year professional dating coach

>> What is involved?

In these Skype calls, I will listen to you and your situation, giving you my thoughts and advice. 

In these times, men’s troubles in this area (meeting women, dating confidence, etc.) are being more and more brushed aside. Masculinity is demonised. 

In these sessions, I will be listening to you, without judgement, and offer you advice based on real-world experience.

>> What these sessions ARE for

– If you have a specific problem in dating or with a girl, or a sticking point that you can’t seem to resolve on your own.

– If you have tried approaching women but it never seems to work out (i.e. convert to a date).

– If you’re not getting any results on Tinder or online, we can go over your online profiles, and look at other options for meeting women.

– If you’re trying to get over a breakup.

>> What these sessions are NOT

A magic-bullet solution to your dating problems. 

You will have to do the work, I’ll just be giving you some advice and direction.

>> Is it just for dating?

I can also help you with lifestyle advice, especially if you’re looking for more freedom, starting a business, making money online, moving overseas, or just living an alternative lifestyle.

>> What is the price?

$275 AUD for 90 minutes. Prices in AUD.

Expensive? Yes. Why? Because I take all my coaching incredibly seriously. You’re not just a quick call for me, you’re someone I really want to figure out and help. This takes a lot of energy, and is not something I will do for peanuts. 

I also want you invested.

>> Is there follow up help?

Yes. You can message me on Facebook, Skype or WhatsApp for 10 days after the session.

>> Is this confidential?

Of course. All of my coaching is 100% confidential. The session is not recorded, and the questionnaire is also deleted after we have finished.

>> Is this guaranteed?

No. The $275 is final.

>> Recommendations

– Watch some videos on my YouTube channel before booking to ensure that you like my vibe and advice.

– Consider trying an approach or two before booking. This is obviously not a requirement, but I find a lot of guys tell me about the “countless” rejection they have faced, when in fact they have only ever spoken to a couple of women.

>> Before the session you must

– Add me on Skype: https://join.skype.com/invite/g1tzT8VUeMyu and send me a hello message.

– Ensure your Skype works, and that you’re on decent internet.

– Payment required before the session is confirmed.

– (Optional) Download this Word document and use the drop-down menus to answer the questionnaire. Return this to me before the session.

Note: You MUST be on time. If you’re 10 minutes late, without prior notice, the session is cancelled and you will lose your payment.

>> Can't I just call you?

No, you will need to book a Skype session at least 48 hours ahead of time. 

If you would prefer a phone call, we can use WhatsApp (same price), however having the video will allow me to help you more.

>> Why listen to me

– I’ve spent more time infield actually doing this than any other dating coach in the country.

– My advice is NOT pick-up artistry, you will not have to go out and say weird things to women.

– I grew up incredibly quiet and timid, and taught myself how to be a dominant social force, capable of meeting whoever I want, whenever I want. I want the same for you.

>> Do I offer infield coaching?

Currently I do not offer infield coaching due to being overseas.

>> How do I book a Skype call?

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