90 Minutes of

One-on-One Coaching with a Proven Dating Coach for Men

About These Sessions:

About These Sessions:

In today’s day and age, men’s troubles with dating, meeting women, confidence, are being more brushed aside than ever. Masculinity has been demonised, especially in Australia. And many men are suffering because of this – I assure you, you’re not alone. 

In this consultation, I will listen to you, without judgement, and offer you dating advice that is based not on theory, but years of real-world experience of approaching and interacting with thousands of women.

This consultation will be especially helpful if:

– You have one specific problem (sticking point) in dating or with a girl that you keep repeating, that can’t seem to resolve on your own.

– You have tried approaching women before but it never seemed to work out (i.e. convert to a date).

 – You’re not getting any results on dating apps (we can go over your profiles, and look at other/better options for meeting women).

 – You’re trying to get over a breakup (or get her back). 

– You’re just struggling to understand women and dating in 2023.

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Consultation FAQs

This online consultation is designed to significantly enhance your dating life by focusing on real-world interactions rather than online platforms. I will provide tailored guidance to help you based on the information that you provide me, and then help you to develop a genuine and confident approach to meeting women by addressing mindset barriers and honing your interpersonal skills.

I can also help you with lifestyle advice, especially if you’re looking for more freedom in your life, starting a business, making money online, moving overseas, or just living a ‘not so boring’ life.

$350 AUD for 90 minutes. 

No. I will be giving you a lot of advice and practical steps to improve your situation, but I cannot force you to take the required action after, thus I cannot ensure success from this consultation alone.

Yes. All of my coaching is 100% confidential. The session is not recorded, and the questionnaire is deleted after we have finished.

Yes. You’re encouraged to stay in contact with me via email or social media for 10 days after the session to ensure you’re able to take the recommended action.

I’ve spent more time out approaching, meeting and talking to women, than any other dating coach in the country. I didn’t study dating in books, or on YouTube, I hit the streets for years. I’ve done what I teach extensively.

I’ve also coached hundreds of men through thousands of interactions, and have noticed many patterns in the dating world that we tend to miss. If you don’t understand the language that is being spoken underneath the verbal language, you will always struggle. 

Lastly, my advice is NOT pick-up artistry. You will not have to go out there and say or do weird things. I grew up very quiet and timid, however I taught myself to be a dominant social force, capable of meeting whoever I want, whenever I want. I want the same for you.

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5) Please be on time. If you are 10 minutes late without prior notice, your session will be cancelled and you will lose your payment.

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