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Chris offers Skype Consultations for women, offering an honest and experienced male viewpoint on dating. Chris’s career is understanding and improving the dating lives of men. He has coached hundreds of men, giving him a unique insight into men and why they do what they do in the dating world. this (as well as a general disagreement with most dating advice for women out there) these sessions can give you an insight into what goes on ‘under the hood’ when it comes to men and their dating habits.

skype coaching session

price $197
length 90 minutes

Are you struggling to meet men? Baffled as to why you’re never approached? Are men not texting you once they get your number? Perhaps things just fizzle out after the first couple of dates?

  • Write down and bring all of your dating & lifestyle questions to the session. This can be absolutely anything that you're struggling with.
  • Have Chris dig around in your head to see what could be holding you back from being successful with men. Often this isn’t as simple as "just being more confident” but can in fact be a subconscious block.
  • Get experienced advice. Chris has been coaching men since 2008. You name it, he has seen it. Chris can also provide you with the honest advice that you're unlikely to get from your friends or family.
  • Get practical advice! This is so important. You can sit and talk about dating all day, but without a step-by-step plan to put into practice, nothing will improve.
  • One week free follow-up. You can message Chris via Facebook, Skype, email or text for one week after your session to ensure you're able to implement any new knowledge and insights.

10 years experienced

Chris from has been a prominent dating coach since 2008

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Pay only if you feel comfortable that you got your money's worth

follow up homework

The session is not over after 90 mins, you still have things to do

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