Three Quick Tips for a First Date

1. Don’t let this date be your only option.

If you have only one date in several months, you’ll almost certainty cock it up by putting all your hopes and dreams into this one basket. People tangibly feel desperation, especially women. And it’s pretty hard to relax and have a good time if your happiness is resting on the outcome of this one date. So have your head in the right place, keep things in perspective and see this as another step on your journey. If it works out, awesome, if not, get back out there.

2. Do something that YOU will enjoy.

Stop trying so hard to please her. Too often guys do the date that they think they’re SUPPOSED to do, and talk about what they think they SHOULD talk about, and are then left wondering why the girl doesn’t want a repeat of this stagnant date. No – I suggest doing something that YOU enjoy, even if it’s just a drink by a river or something. And talk about what you’re passionate about. This will automatically brighten you up, make you more interested in the date, and more interesting to her.

3. Just pay you tight arse.

It’s the age-old question. Look, don’t make a big deal of it. It says a lot about you (and nothing too good) if you’re asking her to chip in $5 for her coffee and cake. Don’t pay because you have to, pay because it’s just easier, smoother. Take care of it. But having said that, if a girl never offers to contribute after a few dates – red flag.

This was from my guest post on Elite Man Magazine. You can read 39 other expert’s advice in this article –

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