The Journey

The wrapping vs. the present. Most of my coaching is about finding yourself, facing your demons, learning to be happy with yourself as you are, or at least accepting it, developing self-worth, self-belief, looking past the social bullshit matrix and finding some kind of path in this crazy fucking life. The countless approaches, interactions, closes, dates, sex, all of that, is merely the best vehicle by which that self discovery is transported to you. You can’t learn this by reading or by talking about it – you learn it only by literally putting your balls on the line, going out to push through your comfort zone, by taking risks, by DISCIPLINING yourself.

Someone once told me that a degree looks good on a CV not necessarily for what you studied, but BECAUSE you studied. Not because you learnt a language or how the economy works, but because for three straight years you managed your shit, got yourself to classes, studied and retained information, overcame challenges, you learnt persistence, discipline, will-power. I feel that it’s very similar here.

One of the most important beliefs to have in this ‘game’ is that the girls/guys that you meet are additions to your journey, but it’s the journey itself, the process, that will bring you the most benefit. As Jim Rohn said, don’t want to become a millionaire for the money, want to become a millionaire for who you will become in the process. If you find yourself getting too upset over outcomes – maybe a girl didn’t text you back, maybe some guy vanished after a date, maybe something made you feel used, maybe she just doesn’t like you anymore – then you’re focusing on the wrong thing. Bring your attention back to your journey and everything becomes a lesson, a guide. Perhaps, even fate.

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