Thailand Workshop

Improve Your Dating Skills and Meet Women Live

My infield workshop in Bangkok or Phuket is an incredible opportunity for anyone looking to improve their dating and social skills.

The program spans over a month and offers a unique and immersive experience of my form of infield coaching, and the beauty of Thailand.

With the beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and friendly locals, Bangkok or Phuket serve as the perfect backdrop for this workshop.


>> How is it structured?

8 x day sessions

4 x night sessions

These sessions are 4 hours long.

4 x coffee consultations (1 hour).

1 x WhatsApp infield call when you return home.

>> Where is this workshop?

The workshop can be undertaken in Bangkok, or Phuket. 

>> How much notice is required?

A minimum of one month is required as we will need to organise logistics. I will help you with flights, accommodation, Thai customs, etc. 

>> Will I only meet Thai girls?

No. Thailand has a huge expat community from all over the world. Amazing variety of personalities.

>> Is there follow up support?

Yes, once you return home, we will be in regular contact in order for you to be able to properly integrate your new skills and knowledge into your normal life. Contact me as much as you like.

>> What is the price?

$14,000 USD. 

>> How to book a Session?

1) A Skype Session is required before doing this program.

2) You can contact me by Clicking Here and filling in the contact form.