90 Minutes to Discuss Your Dating Struggles

>> What these sessions ARE for

– If you have a specific problem in dating or with a girl, or a sticking point that you can’t seem to resolve on your own.

– If you have tried approaching women but it never seems to work out (i.e. convert to a date).

– If you’re not getting any results on Tinder or online, we can go over your profiles, and look at other options for meeting women.

– You’re going through a breakup/divorce, and need clarity, to vent and help moving on.

>> Is it just for dating?

I can also help you with lifestyle advice, especially if you’re looking for more freedom, starting a business, making money online, living overseas, or just living an alternative lifestyle.

>> What is the price?

$275 for a 90 minute session. Price in AUD.

>> Is there follow up help?

Yep you can message me for 10 days after the session. 

This is to encourage you to take action within that time.

>> Is this confidential?

Of course. 

>> Recommendations

– Click on the Videos tab on this website. See if you like my vibe and advice. Honestly, finding a coach that suits your character is half the work.

– Consider trying an approach or two before booking. This is obviously not a requirement, but I find a lot of guys tell me about the “countless” rejection they have faced, when in fact they have only ever spoken to a couple of women.

– If you’re in Melbourne, contact this guy

>> Why listen to me

– Honestly I’ve just seen this shit so much. Imagine being out 3-4 times a week for 12 years, doing 10+ approaches per session. 

– My clients seemed to go pretty well in that time. 

– My advice is NOT pick-up artistry, you will not have to go out and say weird shit to women.

– I grew up quiet and timid, and taught myself how to do pretty well socially. You can too.

>> How do I book a Skype call?

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