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Adrian started off learning how to approach women on the dance floor after watching countless YouTube videos on how to do so.

The first few months were excruciatingly anxiety evoking.

He was rejected on most occasions until his confidence in approaching grew, and within a few more months of consistently going out and approaching, he became proficient at dance-floor game, learning how to read the room, how to identify women who were open to being approached, as well as making out with many gorgeous women and getting phone numbers.

Chris's Thoughts

chris manak

Strong night game guy.
I watched his growth

“I worked with Adrian 2-3 years ago. I was in Thailand so I did several phone sessions with him, before he eventually worked with a coach that I recommended.

Adrian always asked me for advice. Of all the people that I’ve worked with, he may have asked me the most. This to me showed real passion and determination. And sure enough in the following years, he would report back to me with his growth.

I can recommend Adrian because.

1) I know that he started from the beginning, 2) I’m aware of his successes along the journey, 3) The first person that I recommended him to, came back with this review:

adrian review



About Adrian...

“Being a psychology graduate, I have a strong understanding of the mind, it’s workings and how to hack ourselves in order to become successful. I am able to identify the insecurities that are holding you back from getting the girls that you want, and then work with you through managing them.

I am able to guide you through the initial stages of dating in a gentle and easy going manner.

You will learn how to develop great body language, communication skills, frame control, escalation skills, emotional regulation techniques and social intelligence”.

What can I help you with?

“Whether it be on the dance floor, in a bar, club or online, I am able to teach you the fundamental and advanced skills you need to know for approaching women, getting phone numbers, going on dates, getting consistent sex and dating multiple women (if that’s what you want). 

I also proficient in using dating apps such as Tinder, Hinge and Bumble (through many trials and errors).

I will teach you how to come out of your shell and develop strong core-confidence that you never knew you were capable of having. 


Adrian, 2022


My pricing is currently at $120 per hour, with a 3 hour minimum. This is one-on-one coaching (just me and you). You will not beat that price, anywhere. Why am I doing it? I’ve developed my skills as a coach enough to get myself and others results, but I’m still only one year into coaching. I want to learn, grow, get more experience and more reviews. So this pricing will be for the next month or two only. Please contact me at least 1 week (ideally 2) before the date that you wish to do the session on. Thanks 🙂 


If you're wanting to Ramp up your dating success, and you're in Melbourne, click below to contact Adrian directly