Quick PUA Tips

Three quick tips for any guy on the path of PUA or betterment in the dating game.

PUABeginner tip – Start approaching. I know there are plenty of people reading this who are wondering where and how to start. It hasn’t started, until you’ve started approaching. Put aside a couple of hours, go out, and approach. Don’t get caught up in flashy game (i.e. 90% of what you see on YouTube), it really takes very little; a question, a hello – you don’t need to be direct or jump around front of her. Commit to an approach before the girl is front of you. This is the key. Too many guys are going out to “try”. When you allow yourself to ‘try’ you’ve already given yourself passage to pussy out (hey you still tried!). No. Decide that you will commit to doing this before you even see her – “When I get in there, I’m going to talk to the first group of girls that I see. Before I go the bar, before I drop off my coat, I’m 100% in” Then you just do it. You turn off your emotions, turn off your ANTs (automatic negative thinking) and do it. And forget what happens. Every approach is a step on the journey. Who cares how it goes.

Intermediate tip – Persist through the flakey stage. Every guy that I know who is good has dealt with flakes. Don’t think you’re doing anything incorrectly. You may be, you may not be, the energy is better spent in just cutting it and moving on. Soon you will learn how to read people better, simply through more experience. Don’t let anyone tell you there is a magical formula to ending flakes. “I never get flakes” means that they’ve likely only ever met 5 girls, who approached them, and were average, and who did all the work. There are things to help drop the number, but you will always get the odd couple. It will significantly drop if you just keep going.

puaAdvanced tip – So you’ve fallen in love, well done you, but you’re wondering about all this pick up stuff and if you should “settle down” or keep going out, etc. My advice – listen to your gut. What do YOU want? I have had this conversation many times with clients – “I’ve met this girl, man she is awesome, but I’m worried if I stop …” Who cares? Your capability of meeting women isn’t going to vanish forever should you decide to take a break. There will be women around you literally until the day you die. If you want to keep going out, don’t stop. You can set up an open relationship if you like. But if you would like to explore the relationship, go for it. You will very likely learn more about yourself than running around talking to girls on the street.

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