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Men's Personal Styling & Fashion Services For Success In Dating

So you're back out there, on the dating scene, ready to meet some ladies. But none of your approaches seem to be going well, even though you're feeling good.

What's going on here?

Good game is not enough! You need to be dressed the part, and looking your best.

Women can tell a lot about a man by how he is dressed when he approaches her. In fact, it's one of the FASTEST ways to improve your results out there in the dating world.

Andrew is Manic Workshops Melbourne based personal stylist - an expert in helping you showcase your personality.

Andrew will help you develop your individual style to match your lifestyle and budget. You will get a carefully designed wardrobe to help you be on top of your game.

Wardrobe Revolution: What Is Covered?

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Colour Analysis

Colour is very important when choosing your clothes and making up your wardrobe. Andrew will help you develop your own colour palate, choosing the right colours for you.
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Physique Fashion

Andrew your expert personal stylist will help you choose the right fit, fabric and proportions that work best for your style and frame. This helps you enhance your personality and masculinity.
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Closet Audit

Curating the right “flow” in your closet helps you alternate between different styles, depending on which event you’re dressing for. Andrew will streamline your closet to suit all your social needs.
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Personal Shopping

Shopping can be really messy and confusing for many men. With Andrew by your side, you get hand-picked outfits to try-on, taking only the best options home and within your budget. You will find the best prices and fits.

Melbourne's Makeover Magician, Andrew

Melbourne's Makeover Magician, Andrew

“To start, it’s so great that you’re looking to work with us. You must be very serious about taking your style to the next level, and unleashing your inner confidence.

If you’re the type of person who can take on advice, is willing to take immediate action on improving your life, and have a positive attitude, we can work together! 

Develop Your Masculine Look!

Develop your dominant masculine look, and simply have more confidence and success with women. Style can do that. It’s one of the fastest ways to improve your success, even at work! 

So let’s take the next step!

This is 1-1 personal style consulting, because every person is different in every way and we tailor our programs for each individual. You will learn the fundamentals  of how to dress, and why certain clothes have certain impacts on people. 

Be Your Best Personal Brand

We want to make sure you are the perfect fit for our style program, as we want to ensure the best results for all of our clients.. So it is important to us that you are a right fit. So get in touch today and we can go from there”




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