You’re going to get results following our Skype call - but doing it 100% alone will take longer than if you had me by your side!

Let's Recap

So we just finished your call, and you have a plan. And in that plan are have goals, right? Maybe it’s to get a girlfriend, a wife, get over your ex, improve your social skills or social circle, maybe just sleep with beautiful women.


But how would you like to join a brand new program that I just opened last month that is already showing better results than I have ever seen in my 12 years of doing these consultations?

I’m talking about my Mentorship program.

I only offer this to people like you who I have vetted via Skype, to ENSURE that you have what it takes to get the job done.

About the Mentorship

>> What is involved?

Every week we will have a 30 minute WhatsApp call. In these calls we will:

  • Set you goals for the coming week, which will largely be based around approaching women, analysing approaches, keeping you motivated, accountable, and actually moving forward.
  • Discuss how you went the previous week – what worked, what didn’t, what can be improved.
  • Give you a chance to vent, talk about anything dating related that is bothering you, check in with me and boost your motivation.

Goals will be based on your skill-level, the amount of time that you can allocate, and your personality. The aim is to creep you out of your comfort-zone, not throw you completely into the uncomfortable (because that always backfires).

You will also be able to email me as much as you like if you have any questions, if something unexpected comes up, or if you’re struggling with mood or motivation.

>> What is the price?

The mentorship is $475 per month (AUD). You’re free to do just one month, or two, or as many as you like.

Or if you want do it cheaper, then get 3 months for $1100 and save $325 dollars (email me directly for this).

>> How do I get started?

Complete the below form to book in your starting date: