Men's Life coaching

Get Private Tailored Lifestyle Advice

Are you feeling stuck? Hate your job? Hate your life? Have no money? Health in the crapper? No idea where to start or how to improve things?

Chris offers 90 minute Melbourne life coaching sessions that are money back guaranteed (not happy, don't pay) to get you on a better path (whatever that is for you) We will delve into the depths of your mind, and see what's going on (the good and the bad).

The focus will be on creating a practical action plan, i.e. the only way to improve your situation. We just need to know what action to take. This is the purpose of these coaching sessions.

These sessions can be IN PERSON, or done via Skype or WhatsApp. They're a combination of dating advice, life advice, health advice, business advice ... whatever you need to get you a step closer to where you want to be.

skype video session

price $200
length 90 minutes

WhatsApp Audio session

also available

  • Please ensure that you write down all of your questions prior to the session, to ensure we cover absolutely everything that you're struggling with.
  • Chris will dig around in your head to figure out what is holding you back. This is not as simple as "just being more confident”, or "take more action", because often it can be a subconscious block preventing you from moving on.
  • Chris has been Australia's leading dating coach for men since 2008. So there is no issue that you could bring to the table that he has not already been dealt with. His coaching over the years has extended beyond just dating.
  • Get practical advice! This is so important. You can sit and talk about what is wrong all day, but without a step-by-step plan, nothing will improve.
  • Free follow-up allows you to email Chris for one whole month after your session to ensure that you're able to implement what's necessary, and what you discussed.

Pay After Guarantee

If you don't feel that you got your money's worth from the session, then please don't pay. To make this easy, you pay for after.

10+ years experience

Chris from has been a prominent coach since 2008. Ensure you get advice from people who have done what you want to do.

Private & Confidential

A lot of people simple have no-one to talk to about this stuff (let alone getting any advice). You're ensured total confidentiality.

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