Keeping Out of Your Negative Headspace


“I’m brand new to pick-up and am wondering except meditation, is there any techniques which help you stay keep out of your negative head space?”


As impractical as this may sound, I say deal with the negative headspace by allowing it, accepting it. Rather than running from it, just accept it. Only then will you TRULY overcome it.

I think one of the main issues with society (uh oh, society rant!) is that not many are willing to wander from comfort into the fertile growth plains of their dark side. Even as an avid meditator myself, I find that a lot of people (particularly in self-help) try desperately to stay out of the negative areas of their heads, be it through meditation, yoga, positive thinking, etc. But really that negativity is a messenger, just like physical pain is, and/or it’s an amazing sparring partner. It is there for a reason – to alert you to something (maybe you’re not addressing something in your life, maybe you’re not being congruent with yourself and what you want in life) … AND/OR it’s there to teach you how to man up and navigate your own emotions. Only with resistance does one become stronger, and you become a good fighter by fighting a good fighter. And your greatest resistor is always yourself. So it might be worth re-defining your relationship with your negativity. See it at most as a blessing, at least as something that requires your attention, don’t run from it.

“A man who conquers himself is greater than one who conquers a thousand men in battle” – Buddha.

On top of that, exercise, take supplements, yes meditate, sleep well, try to enjoy life and work on your lifestyle. Where do you want to be in 5 years? Get working on that. Don’t focus entirely on pick up, focus on growth, start a business, work on yourself, all while working on pick up.

A lot of guys get into pick up as a band aid to cover their unaddressed, unresolved issues. But those issues will fester and eventually rise to the surface, essentially forcing you to deal with them, which is  great thing, but only the strongest survive to get what they want out of it 🙂

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