Are You Struggling on Your Approaching Journey?

Get 4 Hours of Personal In-Ear Infield Coaching To Get Rid of Your Approach Anxiety & Fix Your Conversations

What These Sessions Are About:

What These Sessions Are About:

Do you struggle with approach anxiety, or not knowing what to say when you approach, or not knowing who to approach, or converting your approaches to dates? Are you getting in your head and walking around for hours, not talking to anyone? 

In this workshop, the aim is to get you out of your head, using my 10+ years of experience of helping men to approach. I do not even need to be there to do this, I just need to be in your head. 

How do we do this? For the entirely of the sessions, we will be on a WhatsApp call, so while you’re out during the day (in the busiest area in your location), I will help ease your monkey-mind, train you spot good opportunities, help you to see the benefits of what you’re doing, and mostly – help you start interactions with women. 

You will tell me what you’re going through, what you’re feeling, what you’re seeing, and I will walk you step-by-step into interactions with women. I will also be able to hear conversations as they are happening, so I can help you to improve your conversation skills.

Please note that this is available to former Skype Consultation clients only, because I need to understand you properly before the session.


There are two infield sessions, each of two hours. It is recommended to do the two sessions over 1-2 weeks. I am on the call with you for all 4 hours. You will need wireless earphones, so that when you approach a girl, you can remove them and hold them in your hand so that I can hear the conversation. If you’re unsure of a situation, we can also use the WhatsApp video feature to show me.

Infield coaching (having me by your side) is the gold standard of dating coaching. But since I live in Thailand now, and the demand for my infield coaching is still high, I provide this as an alternative. 

Having said that, there is one HUGE advantage of this style of coaching. During my 14 years of infield coaching, something that I noticed a lot was that guys could approach when I was there, but when I wasn’t, they still could not. This is a big problem because when you eventually walk past the girl of your dreams, I will not be there. You NEED to be able to do this on your own.

With this style of coaching, you’re training your brain to “do this on your own” much more than when a coach is by your side pushing you.

1) Again, you must have previously done a Skype/Zoom consultation with me, otherwise we will spend the whole first session discussing your issues (and not approaching).

2) You must have your phone and earphones fully charged at the start of the sessions.

3) You must be already in the decided location 5 minutes before the session starts. Please do not be late.

3) You can do the two sessions whenever you like, however it is recommended one week between them so that you can ‘digest’ the first session before the second.

The price of the workshop is $1250 AUD.

This comes with my standard satisfaction guarantee, and another month of unlimited support, so you can email or message me anytime you like for further assistance.