Infield Coaching Call

>> How does this session work?

In this session, I am in your ear, telling you what to say, motivating you to take action, helping you through approaches, walking you through any approach anxiety.

I also give you tips on your conversations after they happen. 

This coaching is done over two weekends, in 90 minute intervals (3 hours in total).

>> Night or day sessions?

Only day game for now. If you’re in Melbourne or Sydney I have people I can refer you to for night game.

>> Will it reduce anxiety?


This session can also really help people with their social anxiety. 

The only thing that truly improves social anxiety is gradual desensitisation.

>> What's the price?

$750 AUD.

>> Is there any help with follow up?

You can message me in the week between the two sessions, and for another week after the last. 

>> What do I need?

1) A fully-charged phone. Maybe even a power bank if your phone has bad battery life.

2) Send photos at least two days before showing what you are going to wear for the session.

3) WhatsApp installed on your phone and an understanding of how to video call on it. 

>> How do apply for a Session?

Fill in the below form: