Getting my Ex Girlfriend Back

Question“So for the last three days my ex and I have been casually talking, we were together for over two years. The thing I’m asking is if she meets up with me do I regame her or just act normal? Or even how do I get back with her?”

Answer – Weird I know coming from a bloody pick-up coach, but personally I hate the term to “game” someone. Immediately it makes me think of the inner issues at play – self-esteem, self-value, etc. Why the hell would I want to game someone? I’m awesome, I worked hard on myself, why the hell would I be anything other than myself? The real me is better than anything I could pretend to be – and I think that’s the way it should be. That shit emanates like a mother fucker. I think feeling the need to ‘game’ someone means that you don’t feel that you’re enough.

So my answer would be to be yourself. And if she dated you for 2 years, she knows the real you. You didn’t ‘game’ her for 2 years – i.e. she knew (and liked) the real you (note – I say that without knowing the dynamics of the relationship, or how it ended).

I think the main part of getting back with her (if that is what you want) if to be ok with the idea of not getting her back. Want it, don’t need it. If it happens – great. If not – fine. She will feel that. Don’t game, don’t bullshit, don’t tolerate any crap or head-games, be yourself, be open about what you want (if it comes up), and be willing to walk back to your (or what should be) awesome life if she isn’t on the same path. But having said that, I think it’s quite important to NOT rush it. Don’t go in going “OMG I want you back!” Relax, go with the flow – just let it unfold. Patience is attractive. As lame and cliche as it sounds, you’re the prize here. Men interested in personal development (i.e. you) for the most part REALLY get better with age. Everything that makes us attractive (emotional strength, lifestyle, intellect, worldliness, even appearance) increases with age. For women, that is not the case. Their most attractive assets (appearance and youthfulness) decline with age. So without sounding like a dick here, and not meaning to reduce love and dating down to just this – but in terms of attractiveness, you’re an appreciating asset, she is a depreciating one – so her not being with you is much more her loss than yours.

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