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1) Free Video: The most common patterns and mistakes that I saw in 10 years of infield coaching.

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Are your approaches going nowhere?

Learn a few simple tweaks to improve your conversations. This isn't just what you say, it's how you say it, and to whom you're saying it.

Are you running out of things to talk about?

Discover why great conversion isn't even that important for impressing women. There are two things that matter more.

Are most of your phone numbers flaking?

Know what to look for during interactions, so that when you do get a phone number, you'll have a better chance of it turning into a date.

2) Free eBook: The 4 myths that are preventing you from benefiting from meditating

Does spiritual talk make you roll your eyes?

Discover how meditation can help you, without having to listen to hippy BS. I give 4 scientifically proven benefits of meditation, that go far beyond just helping you "find more peace".

Finding it hard to stick with meditation?

This is because you're not letting your mind do what it naturally does...think. You're fighting natural thoughts, and your mind is rebelling. Meditation is not not thinking.

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3) Free Chapter: Advice on approaching groups

Bars are the most social acceptable place to meet women, outside of Tinder. To have any success in this, you need to know how to approach groups.

4) Free Audio: 30 minute subliminal hypnosis
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Subliminal messaging, is very powerful. Subscribers get this for half-price. Listen for 30 days straight.


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