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21 Mistakes You Might Be Making With Women

I found that most of the problems that clients faced with women, and especially when it comes to approaching, really came from just a few small mistakes.

Watch this free video in which I list the top 21 mistakes that I think will have a real impact on your results out meeting new women (and people). Go through the list, see what mistakes you might be making (perhaps without even knowing), make those small tweaks, and create a better dating life for yourself.

What someone said

"Chris teaches you how to let go of self sabotaging limiting beliefs and replace them with an effortless and natural sense of freedom when interacting with not only women but all people"

Are your approaches going nowhere?

Learn a few simple tweaks that improve how you start conversations. This isn't just what you say, it's how you say it, and to whom you're saying it.

Are you running out of things to say?

Discover why conversion isn't even that important to impressing women. There are two things that matter: situational-comfort and self-esteem.

Are your phone numbers flaking?

Know what to look for during your interactions so that when you do get a phone number, you'll have a better chance of it turning into something.

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