Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching will work for you if you come with an open mind and an enormous drive to get the goal. Some drive is not enough, to get over your issue, you’re going to have to face it dead on. That will take a shit-ton of effort. Too much for most people.

You don’t have to meet 100 women. You don’t even have to meet 10. 

But you just might not have those numbers on your side. I bet you’ve already met 10, maybe even 100. If you’re looking for that awesome, longterm girlfriend/wife, you think she is going to be in the first 100 new people you meet? 

I’d suggest a phone coaching session first. Sometimes it’s just a mental block. Most of the time, infield. Day or night will depend on where you’d prefer to meet women in future. 

Most likely just me (Chris), but if you really need infield coaching, I have 4 guys to refer to you in both Melbourne and Sydney. They all have very specific styles to help different guys. 

Compared to what? Spending $100 a date on someone that probably isn’t a good fit for you? 

It’s just meeting people, that’s it. It’s improving yourself through the vehicle of socialising. It’s becoming more comfortable in your skin and around other people. 

Anywhere in the world that has a phone. Infield in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. 

If you are really shy but you’re absolutely determined to 1) accept it as part of you, 2) improve your ability with people, then yes, this will work for you. 

During infield sessions? No they will not. Your coach may run into people that he knows, in which case I’d advise you to talk to them and include them in your social life. 

Phone sessions can be done in 2-3 days, infield sessions can be anywhere from 2-5 weeks.