Day & Night Workshops

day workshop

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to meet, or even date, the women that you walk past every single day?

Maybe you’ve seen a cute girl in a grocery shopping, or perhaps on the tram, maybe in a cafe …

Learning how to start conversations in these natural day environments is the purpose of the Day Workshop. 

The Day Workshop starts with a 30 minute consultation to where you’re going wrong when it comes to meeting women, as well as the theoretical aspect to meeting women in this manner.

Then you will hit the streets, side-by-side with your coach. You will be shown step-by-step how to spot the best opportunities to start conversations, then how to go about it, from the approach, to conversation, to asking a phone numbers.

The main focus of the Day Workshop is to teach you these steps so that you can implement them when the required, i.e. when that cute girl is next to you next.  

night workshop

Every weekend, bars are flooded with single women looking to meet Mr Right. But despite this, most guys stand around staring all night, unable to do anything. 

The Night Workshop starts with a 30 minute consultation, and then you will go out with your coach, to a suitable bar (no loud nightclubs). You be shown step-by-step how to turn those frustrated nights out, into successful nights of meeting multiple women.  

You will be shown how to interact with individual women, as well as those in groups, and how to be more socially confident in general in these environments. 

Improving in this area will also hugely influence your social ability in “normal” social gatherings or networking events. 

Day Workshop

$ 450
3 hours

Night Workshop

$ 550
4 hours

Day & Night

$ 950
7 hours
Save $50

1 - 1 Coaching (No Groups)

The Day & Night Workshops are a 1 - 1 ratio, meaning it's just you and your coach. This ensures close personal attention and a completely tailored session.

All Ages & Experience

The Day & Night Workshops are open to men of all ages, from all backgrounds, and all (or no) skill levels. We cater the session to you, there is no generic advice.

One Month Support

After the workshop, you'll have email, Facebook Messenger & Skype access, to ensure that you're able to put the new lessons into practice.