30 Day Dating Essentials Video Course

Day 1 >> How your hormones (testosterone, estrogen, prolactin, etc) impact your dating.

Day 2 >> Dating attachment styles and why you're habitually attracting the same women.

Day 3 >> Using visualisation and subliminals to get crazy success with women.

Day 4 >> Creating a lifestyle that makes you happy and attracts women.

Day 5 >> The basics of approaching a woman in any situation.

Day 6 >> How to have connecting conversation with anyone you meet.

Day 7 >> When and how to set strong boundaries for uplifting relationships.

Day 8 >> Emotional strength - The #1 most attractive thing to women.

Day 9 >> How to overcome height, appearance, age and income barriers.

Day 10 >> Spotting and avoiding leach women who just want your money.

Day 11 >> How to create a super sexy abundant dating mindset.

Day 12 >> Female psychology - what are women really attracted to?

Day 13 >> Using social media to get women without approaching.

Day 14 >> What to look for before escalating a date to sex.

Day 15 >> The 4 keys to success on Tinder.

Day 16 >> Traveling and meeting women throughout the world.

Day 17 >> How to set up and maintain open relationships.

Day 18 >> Setting up monogamous relationships and keeping the spark alive.

Day 19 >> Dealing with jealousy and trust issues in dating.

Day 20 >> Covid dating - how the pandemic has changed dating forever.

Day 21 >> One night stands - the holy grail for the horny.

Day 22 >> Make your relationship cheat-proof.

Day 23 >> How to make a breakup the best thing to ever happen to you.

Day 24 >> Phone game 101 - texting, calling, dating apps and social media.

Day 25 >> How to stay motivated and enjoy the process of improving your dating skills.

Day 26 >> Social confidence - how to work a room and network like a boss.

Day 27 >> Sex tips that are too spicy for public viewing.

Day 28 >> Attracting and keeping younger women - the essentials.

Day 29 >> Learning to love and accept yourself.

Day 30 >> Healing trauma from childhood, parents and past relationships.