Dating Coach Toronto

Want to meet women in Toronto?

If you're in Toronto and your dating life or ability to meet women is just not where you'd like it to be, then we can absolutely help. Whether you just want some advice on approaching and how to improve your dating life, or you would prefer to be shown live and infield what to say to women, then you're in the right place. Our team of 3 coaches has collectively over 2 decades of experience helping men improve their dating lives.

In Person Consultation

price $197

Infield Day/Night Session

price $550

Personal Styling Session

price $450

Skype Consultations

If you’re in Toronto, and you’re completely new to dating coaching, perhaps you have a few things/questions that you really need a professional’s help with, a 90 minute Skype session with Chris is a great place to start.

day coaching sessions

Have you ever walked past a beautiful woman through the day, perhaps you were walking home from work and you locked eyes with her, and you wondered – could I meet her? A day session will show you exactly how you can meet and date the women that you may already be walking past every day. 

night coaching sessions

Every single weekend bars in Toronto are flooded with lovely single women wanting to meet men. Unfortunately however, most men don’t know what to do about this, and are unable to meet them, even when the women give them all the signs to. In a night session you will meet 10+ women and learn how you can do this every weekend. 

Professional Help

Manic Workshops has been Australia's leading dating coaching company since 2010.

ongoing support

Once your session is over, it's not actually over. You're entitled to free follow up support.

money-back offer

In the unlikely chance that you're unhappy with your session, then we don't want your money.

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