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No BS Dating Advice For Men Meeting Women in 2020

If you've found this site, then I'm assuming something has happened.

Maybe it was a breakup, and you're back on the dating scene. Maybe it was a rejection, maybe a flaked date. Maybe just another night standing around Melbourne CBD, not talking to women.

You may have already tried the pickup artist route, or spent countless hours on Tinder. Maybe you've even tried cold approaching. And still... no women, no dates.

My dating coaching is for men who want to change how they act and think about women, themselves, dating, life and society in general. It's an all encompassing dating and lifestyle coaching session.

If you want more freedom and confidence around beautiful women, and you want to choose who and how you date (rather than just settle), feel free to get in touch.

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"If someone were to ask me, who would be the best person to teach me how to meet and date women, I would without hesitation send them to Chris. I don't know anyone in this field with as much integrity, authenticity, and humility. There's no magic here, no hocus-pocus, just a path to cut through the bullshit and move towards genuine communication"
gary review
Brisbane, Australia
"My only challenge with Chris is that I enjoy talking with him so much I sometimes forget he's a professional who is running a business. I've gotten more out of talking to Chris for 2 hours than from 12 months of therapy"
simon review
Melbourne, Australia

What's covered in my dating consultations?

Note: My advice comes from thousands of hours talking to women in bars, on the street, in supermarkets and bookstores. I’m just repeating what I’ve seen. There will be no BS regurgitated from psychology books, neuro-linguistic programming, or other whack dating/relationship advice.

Keep It Normal

Get advice on meeting women, starting conversations, getting phone numbers.. naturally. No weird pick up artist stuff. No forced or canned conversation starters.

Killer Social Confidence

Most men don't actually have approach anxiety, they have social anxiety. What if she responds well, and you have to maintain a conversation?

Improve Your Life

If you hate your life, a high quality woman is going to want to be a part of it. Game and lifestyle go hand-in-hand. Improving one improves the other.


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How Does This Work?

Note: Infield Melbourne dating coaching will return after the Covid craziness.

WhatsApp (audio)

Price: $197
Length: 90 minutes

Skype (video)

Price: $247
Length: 90 minutes

If you want to get started ...

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If you’re a person who really wants to change, feel free to get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

Please provide me with a detailed message also. In order to help you best, I need to know more than “I want to meet someone“. 

There are 3 ways to contact me – Email, Facebook, WhatsApp. 

Thanks 🙂