Manic Workshops

Men's Dating Coaching in Melbourne

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90 minute consultations in which I dig around in your head to see what is holding you back from getting what what and who you want in the dating world.

Maybe you can't start conversations with the women you want to meet, maybe you're getting no results on dating apps, maybe you can meet women but then cannot keep them, maybe you're trying to get over a breakup...

Whatever your sticking point is, these private consultations can help you.

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Infield Coaching

Have you ever gone home from a bar frustrated that you couldn't speak with any of the girls that you saw?

Have you ever walked past a beautiful women on the street and wondered if you could meet her?

In these live infield sessions you will be shown step-by-step how to approach and interact with women in bars and various night venues, without any weird pick-up artist techniques or being anyone other than youself.

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A quick blurb about me

In my younger years, I struggled desperately with girls. 

After a breakup in my twenties, and being sick of having no confidence or choice in who I dated, I was sent hurdling down a path of personal-development.

I began approaching women as a way to get over the breakup, to get more options, more confidence and skills, and improve as a person.

From 2004 to 2008 I was out sharpening my skills every weekend. From 2008 to 2018, I was Australia’s leading infield dating coach for men.

I love coaching because I see the speed at which my clients improve, and I think back to when it took me 4 months to do just one awkward approach.

If you want to fasten your progress in this area, or to discuss something specifically going on in your dating life, you can book an online consultation with me.