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Men are typically given awful advice when it comes to attracting women.

Just be yourself.

Just be confident.

Just wait and the time will come.

Sound familiar? 

These are all actually correct. But the fashion in which they’re told is neither practical, nor helpful.

How are you supposed to be yourself AND confident, when you’re in the face of a stunning woman, when inside your brain is a biological war happening?

If I’ve learned one thing in my time coaching, it’s that if the inner you isn’t pointing in the right direction, the outer you will never get there.

Pain will get you started, but soon you’ll feel fine.

Books will give you motivation, but soon it will die out. 

Coaching will get you started, but soon you will stop.

The inner you is everything.

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Melbourne dating is different. The bars are brutal, the streets are saturated, Tinder girls seem reserved for "those" guys.

What works in other cities, will get you shutdown embarrassingly hard in Melbourne.

I've experienced it myself and seen it in coaching.

My job as a dating coach, is to help you figure that out.

I offer no illusions – this is hard. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. So, so worth it.

Here is some advice specifically for Melbourne guys.

Free help to get you started...

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Info on Skype Coaching

This is a private chat with myself to go over your love-life, dating history, lifestyle current problem - whatever.

Perhaps you're back on the dating scene after a relationship, maybe you're great at talking to women but you can't convert conversations to dates, maybe you're getting friend-zoned, or just want to meet more women.

Your beliefs determine your actions and your outcomes. These consultations are a great first step on your journey towards social confidence, conversational comfort, and ultimately - dating and lifestyle freedom

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Infield Coaching

Have you ever walked past a beautiful woman on the street and wanted to say hello?

You've noticed that every weekend, the bars of Melbourne are flooded with beautiful women.

If you're sick of just watching from a distance, sick of online dating, I will have you approaching within 30 minutes.

I have 10 years of infield coaching experience, and my relaxed style will ensure that you're as comfortable as possible through the whole session.

Watch a coaching session here.


Why you need to fix this

If you don't understand basic attraction, then you're always chasing - love, validation, comfort. Understanding this more enhances your ability to meet, and keep, women.


Dating + Lifestyle

Dating and lifestyle are so interlinked. If you improve one, the other begins to improve naturally. And meeting women is pointless if you hate your day-to-day life.


Which is best for you?

If you want a guide that you will be able to follow on your own, get my Book. If you have a specific problem or want to get started, book a Skype. If you're approaching and getting nowhere, ask about infield.

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My Story...

My entire early life I struggled desperately with girls. I could barely to talk to women, let alone date them, right up until my mid-20s.

At 24, after a breakup, I’d had enough, I had to change. I wanted the freedom to meet and date the women I wanted, how I wanted.

My first approach took me months to do. But within a few years, I’d developed a busy (and interesting) dating life. I’d gone from a couple of women, to a couple hundred women. I’d gone from being unable to stand comfortably in bars, to being able to approach groups and start conversations.

People started asking me to take them out, and that’s how I started as a dating coach. This wasn’t the plan, I didn’t want my hobby being a career.

How a dating coach can improve a man's life;

Improved social confidence

Tried & tested dating advice


Save hundreds of hours

Save a lot of $$$

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