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Sick of not meeting the types of women you want? Tired of wasted hours on dating apps? Always feel like you're chasing women?

About Chris's Sessions

I offer 90 minute Skype Consultations in which I dig around in your head to see what is holding you back from getting exactly what (and who) you want in the dating world.

This advice is based on over a decade on infield experience - doing and observing tens of thousands of interactions with women - and figuring out which mistakes my clients are making (often unknowingly) that are literally pushing women further away from them.

Many of my clients are annoyed that they cannot simply start conversations with the women that they see every day, frustrated by their lack of results on dating apps, heartbroken due to a recent breakup, annoyed that they run out of things to say in conversation, or are confused why they can get first dates but never a second.

Every call is different because no two men or situations are the same. Your situation might be unique, or it might be a topic that I've covered many times with guys prior to you. Either way, we will resolve it in the one 90 minute session.

Whether you want help approaching, conversing, turning those conversations into dates, or turning dates into girlfriends, these consultations can help you.

Naturally meet the women that you want to date without weird PUA techniques, pick-up lines, unnecessary text-game or even flirting.
Grow your confidence, self-esteem, and social-ability, to improve your whole life, not just your dating life.

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In these 90 minute sessions, we dig around in your head, go over your sticking points and current dating problems, and figure out where you're going wrong, plus what you can do about it to get immediate changes and improvements.

If you don't have a specific problem, but are not getting the results in dating that you want, we can also go over the essentials - approaching women, improving conversation, escalating interactions to dates, meeting women through the day, at night, etc.

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Infield Coaching

You've surely noticed that the bars of Melbourne are flooded every weekend with beautiful women, yes?

Have you ever walked past a girl on the street and wondered if you could meet her? Even date her?

Infield coaching sessions will show you how to approach and interact with women, live, in natural day time and night time settings, with Chris by your side.

100% Genuine Reviews

Match Photography
Chris's vibe is next level. Honestly did not expect to be that gassed up after a coaching session. Had a great night out last night too. Thanks again mate
Heming Hu
I reached out to Chris for advice online, from Melbourne, Australia. The guy has years and years of experience in the dating scene, as well as transforming men to achieve excellent results. In a time where I really wanted to take control of this area of my life, Chris will always be willing and able to help out as a dating coach/consultant. He will take a massive genuine interest in your story and what you want to achieve. The advice he gives just makes total sense and works! Additionally, you will always have a great chat with him over the phone where he will facilitate your needs, but also tell you as it is! He will never deviate from his opinions, so you know that what he gives you is pure 100% honesty and genuine! Great guy to have! I highly recommend him for anyone looking to improve their dating lives!
Nilton Rocha
I have done a workshop with Alex. It was a really good experience. The guy has knowledge and experience to share. I recommend the services.
Jason Reharno
'Priceless' sums it up nicely. In the literal sense. How do you put a dollar value on helping to be the man who, living authentically, attracts the kinds of women who have the substance and depth that make it all feel worth while. From my experience, working with Chris will help you to have more 'success' with women, sure, but... more importantly, this experience will help you to get to that point through becoming the best, most authentic version of yourself possible. None of the 'pickup' b/s that you find in books, forums and wherever else you've come through to stumble on this.
Simon Haines
If you're wanting to get better at meeting women, I'd recommend booking a Skype session with Chris. Dating aside, though, I'd also recommend it if, like many guys, you're trying to work out what masculinity means in 2019, when expectations on men have never been more confusing. Chris is not a pickup artist ('PUA'), nor would I describe him as a 'dating coach'. There are a few key differences which are important. The first difference is that Chris doesn't come across as having a particular agenda of his own, other than to help get the best outcome for you. This is unlike most PUAs, who focus on attempting to sell you whatever dating system they assume you 'need'. Chris strikes me as a problem-solver. If he thinks his coaching can help, he'll tell you. But if he thinks you might be better off focusing on working on yourself instead, he'll tell you that too. The second difference is that any dating advice you get from Chris will be grounded and ethical. This is contrast to a lot of so-called PUA advice which is unhelpful at best; but often plain wrong in a pretty toxic sort of way. If you've been a victim of bad PUA advice, or, worse... sucked in by 'PUA conditioning'... Chris may be able to help you make a fresh start. The third difference is that Chris isn't all about women and dating. He's a great person to talk about life generally. Health, career, family, relationships, etc. The dating connection makes sense though, because Chris realises the truth: quality women are attracted to men who are focused on improving peoples lives (theirs included), and who don't need female validation to feel good about it. My only challenge with Chris is that I enjoy talking with him so much I sometimes forget he's a professional who is running a business. I have to stop myself suggesting we catch up for a beer haha. I've gotten more out of talking to Chris for 2 hours than from 12 months of therapy. A Skype session with him is definitely recommended. As for other services, I can't say... and neither can Chris, since he needs to understand your situation first. That's the reality of being authentic, I guess.
Richard Cipollone (Ruststar)
I am a 38 year old man who always struggled with dating, due to a lack of confidence. Identifying the need to take action, I started researching different options to improve my situation. What drew me to Chris's Workshops, was his standpoint of not being a pick up artist, but rather a great motivational coach who helps his clients becoming the best they can. Chris taught me common -sense techniques to better present myself, and how to approach women in public settings. The theory was distributed in easy to understand steps, usually coinciding with practical situations. Chris certainly throws you into the deep end, but it is always guided, and ultimately, it is the only way you will learn! I have spent most of my adult life thus far, not approaching women, but with these very simple strategies, I had many interactions over the space of a long weekend. Thanks to Chris, I have come home a lot more confident, a lot more self- aware, and with the motivation to better myself. I have a bit more to go, but a massive progress for the weekend worth of work. I actually successfully approached women, and mustered some interest from a few of the ladies. Please understand this is not a quick fix. This is a course that sets the groundwork for improvement and development over a period of time. I thank Chris greatly for his time and guidance, and look forward to continuing his work.
I took part in Chris' Night/Day workshop. I know giving 5 stars is a big deal, so I'll explain why. Three things you'll notice about Chris when you meet him is, firstly, the fact that he's very professional/organised with everything, and he obviously knows what he's talking about. Secondly, He speaks to you on an equal level. Although he is tremendously more experienced than I am, it literally felt like I was talking with one of my mates. Thirdly, you leave the workshop BELIEVING that whatever you want to achieve in terms of meeting women is an attainable thing, and not just a pipe dream. Chris really pushes you out of your comfort zone. But like a coach on the sporting field, he's there to guide you through the challenges you might face while out and about in the field approaching women. Whether that be in a bar at night, or out in Melbourne's CBD during the day. Good teachers are able to take information that is inside their heads, and put it inside their students heads, and that's exactly what Chris does. He gives you just as much as you need at a time, then let's you work with it, then introduces more. This is only the beginning of it all, so you still need to put in a ton of work to achieve your goals. Remember, Chris is a dating coach, not a magician. More so, the bigger picture behind all of this that Chris encourages you to espouse, is just becoming a better person in general. Improving all aspects of your life, and not just your dating life. I understand this may not be for everyone, but I certainly enjoyed being pushed to try things I probably wouldn't have done otherwise on my own. One other thing that really impressed me was how Chris stays in touch after the workshop is over to make sure you are staying on track. This was really supportive and motivates me to keep on after it. Thanks to taking Chris' Night/Day workshop, I've had a taste of social freedom, and I hope it is a sign of things to come. Thank you Chris!
Josh Maslij
If i could give Chris 10 stars I would. Chris has an incredible ability to see and adjust interactions relatable to his clients personality type. It's a pure gift. I originally came to Chris just to learn a little more about myself seeing what I could learn from him. As cliche as it sounds, i didn't expect to be leaving a brand new man. Every interaction he seemed to have the perfect way to combat it and if it didn't turn out to the way we had hoped his constructive criticism was genuinely helpful. As professional as he is, I was actually more happy to find out what just a general break bloke he is. He's actually a guy I would go out of my way for if he ever needed anything, I grew an incredible respect for him.... Originally I researched and found Chris 18 months beforehand but hesistated and procrastinated. If I could give anyone any advice - it would just be to just go and do it. I live in QLD and flew down to see him for a day and a night game with him. If money is an issue - save your pennies - I can assure you it's worth it. If you might be feeling 'it's not the right time for me to be meeting women' Yea sure meeting women is what he teaches but what you get out of it is priceless. The confidence you gain and seeing what you are capable of will have the wash over effect to benefit you in every day life, believe me when I say that. Chris, you are a legend and I show the utmost respect to you
James Doman
I just recently completed the Manak workshop. It is an intense 5 week course. Biggest life changing personal development course I have ever done. Chris is literally available 24/7 during the course and is so so supportive... I have grown so much as a person and he has changed my life. I now am so much more confident with women in my life, my social anxiety has gone, my work performance has improved and so have my relationships. Chris guides you at every step in the process and is a fantastic mentor.
Liam Boehm
I was taken out for my first day game session with Chris, during which he showed extreme skill with women. He also managed to bypass my high level of self doubt and get me to feel almost instantly confident enough to approach some seriously good looking women. I got 4 numbers in 3 hours and ended up dating the prettiest girl of the day (Thanks to Chris' help). Fast forward 3.5 years later... Chris still shows me the same level of encouragement! And mentorship! I believe Chris shows a level of teaching skill and caring that is absent in other international dating coaches - whom I have payed to coach me. Chris is the real deal when it comes to coaching - his small class sizes and willingness to help his students literally years after their coaching time is over - shows how much he cares. I am 23 and I currently date stunning women (I literally just got home from my second date with a 19 year old model who I met in a shopping centre - not joking) who I would have normally admired from afar if it had not been for Chris' advice. I recommend Chris' coaching to any guy looking to get lessons on seduction from a man who truly: - wants you to get the dating life you want with women - can and will help you become amazing with women - will continue to help you long after your time is up and you've already payed him
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In my younger years, I struggled desperately with girls. I immediately went shy in their presence, and I couldn’t figure out why they seemed to date men who were the exact opposite of what they said they wanted (bad boys, rude guys, unsuccessful men, etc).

After a breakup in my twenties, I was sick of my lack of confidence, I was sick of having no choice in who I met, I was sick of my social anxiety, so I started down a path of exploration and personal growth.

I began going out to talk to women as a way to get over the breakup, and I soon realised how quickly it grew my confidence, my social skills, my understanding of women, and myself.

Within a few years, people began asking me to take them out to “show them what I was doing”. Within a few more years, I became Australia’s leading dating coach for men, featured regularly in national and international media.

I can say for a fact that 90% of this is mental. If you have a mental block, or you’re doing one simple thing wrong, you can meet 100 new women but you will still get no results.

If you want to speed up your progress in this area, or want to discuss something specifically that is going on in your dating life, you can book a consultation with me.

"If someone were to ask me, who would be the best person to teach me how to meet and date women, I would without hesitation send them to Chris. I don't know anyone in this field with as much integrity, authenticity, and humility. There's no magic here, no hocus-pocus, just a path to cut through the bullshit and move towards genuine communication"
gary review
infield coaching
"My only challenge with Chris is that I enjoy talking with him so much I sometimes forget he's a professional who is running a business. I've gotten more out of talking to Chris for 2 hours than from 12 months of therapy"
simon life coaching review

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