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Dating Coaching Canberra

Manic Workshops has been Canberra’s leading dating coaching service for men since 2010. 

We focus on a holistic approach to meeting women and improving your dating skills. This means no weird pickup artist material, no useless advice like “just be yourself”, more we focus on making you the most attractive version of yourself. We do this through intense evaluation of your mindset and live infield coaching.

Learning how to approach and meet the women that you desire will exponentially grow your confidence, self-esteem, your social skills and revolutionise your entire life. 

Types of Coaching

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Skype Sessions

These sessions are a private discussion with Manic Workshops founder and head coach Chris Manak. After the session you will have a better understand what is holding you back from having the dating life (and women) that you want. Whether you just want a better love-life in general, or to play the field more, whether you want killer confidence when approaching or more responses online dating, everything is covered. Perhaps you're back on the dating scene after a breakup and need some fresh insights. These consultations are a great place to start your journey to dating freedom. Generally only one session is required. One week free support.

Infield Coaching

Have you ever walked past a beautiful woman on the street, or in a supermarket, and wondered if you could meet her? You've surely noticed that the bars of Canberra are flooded with beautiful (single) women every weekend? Infield coaching ensures you the most direct, and fastest, route to success interacting with women. You will have a coach with you, side-by-side, showing you exactly how to start conversations. We offer a variety of Infield coaching, including day sessions where you're shown how to naturally start conversations in everyday settings, and night sessions in which you go out with your coach for a night of talking to women.

"If someone were to ask me, who would be the best person to teach me how to meet and date women, I would without hesitation send them to Chris. I don't know anyone in this field with as much integrity, authenticity, and humility. There's no magic here, no hocus-pocus, just a path to cut through the bullshit and move towards genuine communication"
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"My only challenge with Chris is that I enjoy talking with him so much I sometimes forget he's a professional who is running a business. I've gotten more out of talking to Chris for 2 hours than from 12 months of therapy"
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Dating Advice

As well as digging around in your head, we will go over effective ways to meet new women, improving your conversation skills so you can approach without coming off as creepy. Ask for a phone numbers without making the conversation awkward.


Lifestyle Advice

If you hate your life, no girl is not going to want to be a part of it. We focus on your self-development. Let's go over where you're at in life, compared to where you want to be, and how you can get there. Start a business, improve your health, rebuild a social circle.


Free eBook

With every coaching session, you will get free Chris's ebook Approach. This book is a step-by-step guide to approaching, conversion, texting, dates, creating the type of relationship that serves you, and everything in between. Simply follow the exercises and see rapid improvement.

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Hi my name is Chris Manak, founder of Manic Workshops.

In my early 20s I struggled desperately with girls. I was a great friend to the attractive woman in my life. I was the one they complained about their boyfriends to.

At 24 I’d had enough. I had to change. I embarked on a 15 year journey towards social confidence and freedom in who I met and who I dated. 

After approaching tens of thousands of women, and coaching hundreds of men to do the same, I emerged an entirely different person. Chris Manak 2.0. 

What all this taught me more than anything, is that when you improve one area of your life, all areas of your life improve. If you improve your ability with women, you as a whole will improve. People will start noticing the difference and treating you differently.

Manic Workshops offers premium coaching and consultations for men who want to improve their ability attracting and interacting with women. We focus entirely on getting you real results, and long term change, not a flash in the pan.

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