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Thailand 1-1 Workshop

Get Better at Meeting Women in One Epic Month in Bangkok!

My workshop in Bangkok, Thailand is hands-down the best thing I teach. This workshop has 12 sessions over one month, where it's just you and me. I'll be with you, helping you step-by-step as you meet new girls, for one month, in one of the most beautiful and fun places in the world. This workshop is only for those who really want to be the best. This is the biggest step you can take in your dating life.

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>> Here's what we'll do in the workshop:

– 8 days sessions where we’ll walk around Bangkok, saying hello to girls in stores, libraries, streets, parks, and more.

– 4 nights where we’ll go to Bangkok’s bars and rooftops, chatting with lots of different girls. (But don’t worry, we won’t go to loud clubs.)

– Each session will be 4 hours long, starting with a coffee chat to go over your last session and your progress.

– Lifetime support. Even after the workshop is over, you can always ask me for help. This way, you can use what you’ve learned in real life. You will need this to reintegrate your new skills and mindset back into your normal life.

>> Required booking time:

You need to tell me at least one month before the workshop begins. This gives us time to plan things like flights, places to stay, and understanding of Thailand’s rules.

>> What kind of girls will you meet?

You’ll get to meet many different types of girls. In Thailand, there are girls from all around the world – both living here, and travelling through. And there are a obviously a lot of very friendly and beautiful local girls. 

>> What is the price?

My Thailand Workshop costs $19,500 AUD. This is very expensive, I’m aware of that, but I can promise you great changes that will make your life significantly better, not just your dating life. The cost is also high because I want you to be fully committed and giving this workshop your all. This is a big step, but you will see that it’s worth it.

>> How to book a Session?

1) To be considered for this workshop, you MUST be a previous client of mine – either infield, or at a minimum a Skype session, which you can book here

2) You can contact me to discuss through my email or by Clicking Here and filling in the contact form. 

3) We will have a phone call to see if this workshop is a good fit for you.