Dating Younger Women

Dating Younger Women Does Age Matter? In this video I go over something that I am asked a lot as a 40 year old man, and that’s “does age matter?” or “can I meet and date younger women?” Whether you’ve just come out of a relationship, or you just never go around to meeting women […]

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Muay Thai

What I learnt from a Muay Thai fight In this video I will go over what I learnt taking a Muay Thai fight in Thailand after 4 months of training. I’ve come to love the art of Muay Thai, it has taught me a lot. Here I will go over the fight experience, and also

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approaching woman

Approach Anxiety

Approach Anxiety In this video I’m discussing approach anxiety, and the common myth that it means there is something wrong with you. Approach anxiety is a completely normal, completely natural response to speaking to someone that you don’t know. 

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6 Reasons Every Guy Should Date an Older Woman (at least once)

This is a guest post by Jack Griffin from BeyondAges.com Most guys these days exclusively date women who are either the same age as them or younger. That’s perfectly understandable because the majority of men are naturally more attracted to youthful women. It’s simple and undeniable biology. However, there are so many awesome benefits of

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