Dating Younger Women

Dating Younger Women Does Age Matter? In this video I go over something that I am asked a lot as a 40 year old man, and that’s “does age matter?” or “can I meet and date younger women?” Whether you’ve just come out of a relationship, or you just never go around to meeting women

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Muay Thai

What I learnt from a Muay Thai fight In this video I will go over what I learnt taking a Muay Thai fight in Thailand after 4 months of training. I’ve come to love the art of Muay Thai, it has taught me a lot. Here I will go over the fight experience, and also

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approaching woman

Approach Anxiety

Approach Anxiety In this video I’m discussing approach anxiety, and the common myth that it means there is something wrong with you. Approach anxiety is a completely normal, completely natural response to speaking to someone that you don’t know. 

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