If you can't seem to approach on your own, suffer from intense anxiety, I have the solution for you...

>> What is the Approaching Program?

You will get 4 x 2 hour infield sessions in which I will be in your ear (literally, on the phone with you), walking you through approaches. 

This will really help you if:

  • You suffer from intense approach anxiety
  • You can talk to women that you’re not that interested in, but struggle with those that you are
  • You’re worried about what she (or others around you) will think of you
  • You can never think of what to say to start the conversation
  • You’ve tried to go out and approach women during the day, but all you do is walk around and get more and more frustrated

>> What you will need to do:

  • At the start of each session, you must already be in our chosen location when I call. Generally this will be the busiest area in your city – a mall, a busy street, etc.
  • At the start of the call, I will help you get into a good mindset for approaching, so that you’re calm, relaxed, and confident.
  • For the next two hours, I will help you decide who to approach, how to approach, what to say, how to say it, what to do if it goes well, what to do if it doesn’t. 
  • While you’re approaching, you will remove your headphones however keep the ON, so that I can listen to the interaction.
  • Within each session, we will accomplish 5-6 approaches, after each one discussing what you did well, and what you can do better next time.
  • You will also have homework to do in between sessions.

>> What is the price?

$872 USD (or $1300 AUD)

You will get 4 x 2 hour sessions, purchased in bulk, which can be used anytime within 6 months. The reason I do this, as opposed to offering only one, is because consistency is what is required for real change.

>> How do you get started?

1) I strongly recommend to do a Skype Session before doing this program.

2) Send me a message by Clicking Here and filling in the contact form.