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Chris Manak has been helping gents live freer lives since 2010


I’ve spend thousands of hours in bars, on the street, in bookstores and supermarkets, helping men talk to women.

You can read about it here

80% of my clients shared the same common problems. 

My goal is to massively shorten your learning curve, by helping you work out where you’re cock-blocking yourself.


Meditation saved my life. 

I don’t mean that figuratively

My advice and training on meditation is an alternative to the usual woo-woo hippy BS.

This is the #1 improver of everything IMO. 

You can get started now by downloading my free guide, which dispels some of the annoying myths around meditation. 


Do your Sunday nights suck because you have a full week of crap ahead of you? 

Do you want to turn your hobby into paying customers?  

Is your start-up is not actually starting up?

With SEO training you can turn any idea into an online income, even if you have 0% experience in business.


Social Coaching

Are you naturally shy and anti-social person, but you also realise that you kinda need some social skills to get anywhere in this life?  

“No man is an island” (or whatever it was Hugh Grant said in that movie). 

Let’s lessen your social anxiety, and figure out how you can improve your social circle and social confidence.


30 min WhatsApp




60 min Skype



Most men want to talk 100% about what is going in their dating lives, discuss frustrating road-blocks and problems they’re having with women.

As men, we don’t discuss this often enough.

Alternatively you can mix in some of the above topics

  • creating more freedom/income in your life through online business
  • understand your social anxiety and what you can do about it
  • use meditation and visualisation to enhance your life

There is no set direction, I will dig around in your brain to figure out what we should go over, all out in a chilled, relaxed conversation. 

Some Google Reviews

This is the single best investment I’ve made in my life period. Chris Manak in my eyes is the undisputed champion. Not because he has hundreds of flashy tricks up his sleeve, but because he has a powerful self acceptance. This is a big claim but I truly believe that this workshop has made a huge improvement to my attitude and has taken at least 12 months off my learning curve
Dating coaching client
Chris is a Wizard at SEO and online bookings! He has helped me grow my massage business, bringing in new referrals and increasing my ranking to first page Google. Friendly, genuine, and easy to work with. Highly recommend him for any online management work!
Small business owner
This guy clearly has a strong life experience, is an awesome coach who can relate to you and transfer information in a very clear and structured way. Even after and before the session this gent is there for you, for me that worked out by giving me just simple guidelines.
Infield coaching client
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