My Story

chris manak dating coach

My entire early life I struggled desperately with girls. I could barely to talk to them, let alone date them. 

This lasted until my mid-20s, when I went through a breakup in 2004 that sent me hurdling down a path of personal development.

I realised that if I wanted the dating life (and women) that I dreamed of, I needed to change. I needed some skills.

I also realised that women, funnily enough, are everywhere, and all I had to do was learn how to talk to them.

My first approach took me months to do, and it lasted no more than 30 seconds. But I knew I had to stick with it. The frustration of not having what I wanted finally outweighed the fear of rejection.

Over the coming years I dedicated myself to this, even moving to Melbourne to start fresh. 

Every day I would hit the streets, every weekend I was out bars, and within a few years, not only had I developed a crazy dating life, but people had begun asking me to take them out to teach them “what I was doing”.

My late 20s were dating madness, my 30s were spent coaching, and now in my early 40s I have total dating freedom. I have an amazing girlfriend, and an amazing life.

chris dating coach

I’ve gone from being socially paranoid, thinking that everyone was staring at me, to being able to approach groups of women in bars, start conversations and walk away with phone numbers.

I’ve gone from day-dreaming about the women I walked past, to talking to them in bookstores, in supermarkets, in cafes, and getting them out on dates.

But most importantly, I went from someone lacking self-worth, to someone confident, and completely comfortable in his own skin.

Seeing this same amazing transformation in my clients is what keeps me coaching to this day.

The dating coaching industry is the Wild West, with everyone being an ‘expert’. I’ve literally seen people lose their virginity one month, and become a coach the next. So I pride myself on having walked my talk, and being able to offer you dating advice based on a ton of real-world experience. 

I’ve coached hundreds of men of all ages, all races, all experience levels and dealing with all kinds of problems.

I look forward to hearing from you, and making your journey as smooth and as short as possible 🙂

Chris Manak