Chris Manak

Founder & Head Coach

In 2004 at the age of 24, I went through a breakup that sent me looking for answers. I’d never felt confident or comfortable around women, and I certainly didn’t have the ability to approach and meet a new girlfriend. 

So I decided that I had to change all of that. 

I spent the next 4 years working through my social anxiety, approaching hundreds of women, and learning all that I could in regards to dating, society, attraction, and myself.

By 2008 I’d moved to Melbourne and people began asking me to take them out to help them to meet women. In 2010 it became a full-time job. I’ve spent more time infield (in bars, on the streets, etc) than any coach in the industry world-wide. Literally thousands of hours.

What I discovered was that when you commit to growth in one area of your life, your whole life improves. Improving your ability to approach and interact with women, will improve you in ways that you cannot even imagine now. The social confidence will improve your life enormously. 

I don’t coach just approaching women, I teach you how to be more confident in general, more attractive, more motivated and how to create a life based on freedom, choice and direct. Do not settle for what you don’t want. Ever. 

How Are You Different?

1) I teach practically. Usually I am there with you, side by side, helping you to meet women. You’re actually talking to women, not just thinking about it. Action is the core of what I teach. Note: Obviously this is different now during Covid. No infield is possible. 

2) I’ve walked my talk. I’ve have done everything that I teach, thousands of times. I believe it’s key to teach from experience, not from books, theories, or wishy-washy advice that isn’t practical. 

3) I teach holistically. I focus just as much on improving your beliefs, your habits, your confidence, your lifestyle, and your self-esteem as I do your ability to approach and interact with women.

I am extremely proud of what Manic Workshops has become. It’s the go-to dating company in the Australian dating industry, being featured regularly in the media. 

I really look forward to you joining our list of happy customers in 2020.

Chris Manak