relationship coach

My Story...

My entire early life I struggled desperately with girls. 

I could barely to talk to them, let alone date them.

This lasted until my mid-20s, when I went through a breakup that sent me hurdling down a path of personal development.

My first approach took me months and it lasted no more than 30 seconds (it actually went well, but I freaked out and ran off).

But I knew I had to stick to it. I’d had enough. The frustration and feelings of helplessness had finally outweighed the fear of rejection.

Within a few years, I’d developed a crazy dating life, with enough stories to fill several books. 

I’d gone from being paranoid in bars, to being able to approach groups and start conversations. From dreaming about the women I walked past to talking to them on the street, in bookstores, in supermarkets.

But most importantly, I went from someone completely unsure of himself, and lacking in self-worth, to comfortable and confident in any situation I find myself in.

After 4 years of being out doing this myself week after week, people began asking me to take them out.

After 2 years of coaching every weekend, and a few appearances in the media, coaching became my full-time job.

Seeing the amazing transformations that my clients make, keeps me coaching to this day.