Don't do this alone

Let me help you through the BS

The coming couple of months will be hard

Monthly Coaching

Hello, if you’re reading this page, it means that we have recently done a Skype session. You’re hopefully now putting into practice what we spoke about. 

I love helping with the follow up. I enjoy hearing the stories. It just takes up time replying to everyone properly. So if I’m going to do follow up, fuck it, I’m gonna do it properly. The price helps me give you the time you deserve.

Now that we have you on track, it's time to KEEP you on track.

What is this?

This is a monthly subscription for however long you need. I can’t imagine you’d need more than two months (although stay if you like).

You can contact me anytime that you like (max once a day)

You can do this via:

– One email (up to 300 words).


– One voicemail (up to one minute) 


I will reply to you ASAP (usually within a couple of hours). I work online so it’s usually pretty quick. 

This can be anything dating, attraction, women, sexuality, related, OR online business, freedom lifestyle creation. 

Who is this for?

If you got something out of our conversation and now you’re having a bit of trouble implementing, this is for you.

Or if you’ve started, but then you stop, sabotaging yourself, maybe other issues in dating.

How much does this cost?