6 Reasons Every Guy Should Date an Older Woman (at least once)

This is a guest post by Jack Griffin from BeyondAges.com

Most guys these days exclusively date women who are either the same age as them or younger. That’s perfectly understandable because the majority of men are naturally more attracted to youthful women. It’s simple and undeniable biology.

However, there are so many awesome benefits of dating an older woman that every guy should do it at least once. Most of the time, it will be a life-changing experience and will broaden their horizons.

And who knows; they may enjoy it so much that they’ll later want to build a wonderful relationship together with an older woman. So get out there on the best cougar dating sites and give it a whirl.

Why dating an older woman is awesome and every guy should try it

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Boy, where to even begin?

There are so many reasons why you should prioritizing finding older women dating younger men that it’s difficult to pick just a few. That’s because when you’re with an older woman who has significant life experience under her belt, it can open whole other world for you. Once you get a glimpse of that world, you may never want to go back.

But let’s start with the reason that most men will find to be essential in any intimate relationship.

1) The sex is out of this world!

It’s not that younger women are bad in bed. It’s just that most women in their 20s still lack the experience necessary to pleasure a man in a mind-blowing way.

If you’ve ever been with an older woman who knows exactly what she’s doing in bed, you’ll understand exactly why.

That’s because the majority of women in their 20s are just beginning to figure life out. They’ve dated a few guys and had some sexual experiences here and there. But it takes some real time and involvement to learn and understand how to make sex an unforgettable and indescribably pleasurable experience. This understanding only comes with patience and practice — and older women usually have those two things in spades.

Plus, women reach their sexual peak much later than men do. As much as guys are insatiable when they’re younger, older women have the same kind of zest for sex in their 30s and 40s.

They will want to have as much sex, if not more than you do. Just make sure you can keep up!

2) Your relationship will have fewer rough patches

With age and experience comes wisdom and, most importantly, understanding.

Not just a better understanding of how the world works because you’re no longer young and naive — But also a better understanding of what men want, how men function and what drives them.

An older woman understands the psychology of a man much better than a woman who’s very young and inexperienced. Older women also tend to be very open to casual relationships if you approach it the right way. That’ll make your potential relationship much less tumultuous and often even hassle-free. In turn, you’ll be able to enjoy each other more without having any unrealistic expectations of one another.

She’ll understand that you may not have everything in life figured out yet. That’s why she’ll not be as hard on you as those with unrealistic expectations would be.

It’s something truly special that not many guys realize when it comes to dating older women.

3) You’ll have deeper conversations

Unfortunately, there are many younger women who just want to party and don’t care about anything else. While that’s fun in its own right, it’s difficult to have a deep and meaningful conversation with someone who’s not very cultured.

Also, when you think about the more extreme versions of party girls, the word “vapid” comes to mind. Someone like that won’t be an interesting person to have long conversations with. Especially if all they happen to care about is shoes and make-up, and who’s currently trending on Instagram.

If you care for deeper and more intellectual conversations, then you’ll find that older women will have a huge advantage over their younger counterparts in that regard. They’ve had a lot more time to take an interest in many different things, read more books and become a more worldly individual.

Having a delightful and deep conversation with an older woman over some wine and fine cheese is much more fulfilling than with someone who has a short attention span and not many interests. If you enjoy that type of thing, you’ll find a new appreciation for older women with a lot of life experience.

4) She’ll often be financially secure and independent.

A single older woman will nearly always be financially independent and that can be a big roadblock that interferes with a man’s success. That’s because there’ll often be no other way for her to continue to support herself, as opposed to younger women who will usually have other people to fall back on.

When in dire financial straits, a younger woman will often be able to rely on her parents, grandparents, boyfriends and other people. Whereas an older woman will have to support herself on her own, more often than not.

Plus, with age and experience comes skills and professional know-how. Which means that older women will often have a decent career that affords them to have a nice living.

That’s perfect because then guys don’t need to worry about making ends meet if they think they won’t be able to support themselves when having a girlfriend. As we all know, having a girlfriend can sometimes get very expensive! Particularly if she’s still getting her education and doesn’t have a good job yet.

So that’s one less thing to worry about.

5) She knows what she wants and doesn’t play games

It can be exasperating when you’re dating someone and have no idea if they’re leading you on or if they want something serious. Plus, younger women enjoy playing games with men so they chase them and give them more attention and validation.

The majority of older women don’t care about such nonsense and will often be direct and go for what they want. They’ll make their intentions about the relationship clear and won’t play games with your mind as often. That’s very refreshing because it’ll save you both a lot of emotional health.

When someone communicates clearly and says what they mean when in a relationship, it’s much easier to be on good terms with that person. It’s also easier to build an amazing, caring and mutually beneficial relationship when you’re both on the same page.

That’s why dating older women who won’t play games with your mind will be less likely to result in you stressing out and getting into arguments and fights.

6) She’ll be able to help you achieve your life’s vision faster

Obviously, it’s not your romantic partner’s job to help you achieve your dreams in life.

However, in a great romantic relationship that’s mutually beneficial and where both parties want only the best for each other, your partner will often want to help you out as best they can.

That’s where older women have a significant advantage over their younger counterparts. They tend to be much more insightful on how the world works due to their experience and wisdom. They’ve also probably made many good friends throughout their life who can become a useful connection for you.

It all depends on what goals you have and what you want out of life. Some people want to achieve happiness through a good career, family or relationships. Others crave self-actualization through art, entertainment, education and other things. Whatever your dream may be, in a good romantic relationship your partner can and will do everything in their power to help you grow into yourself. Also, having a partner who’s very supportive of your interests and hobbies is a huge deal.

That’s not something you should underestimate because the right partner with the right experience and connections can change your whole life. Or at least help you jump-start it so that you can become an independent, secure and stable man much faster than if you had to do everything on your own.

Plus, with an older woman, there’s almost always an opportunity to learn something new. If you get in her good graces, she’ll have no problems with sharing her experiences and teaching you something about life, relationships, sex, culture and many other things.


There you have it; six great reasons to date an older woman that may very well change your whole outlook on life and dating in general.

Meeting and dating a person with enormous life experience and wisdom is something that you should try at least once in your life. There are simply too many benefits for doing this to ignore and it can enhance your life in more ways than one.

You can even do it just for fun if you’re upfront about it and don’t lie about your intentions. That’s because even being in a friends-with-benefits relationship with an older woman is something that you’ll have a hard time regretting. Even if it’s just for the wild, passionate and constant amount of unforgettable sex.

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